Mums in Mind

This group is specifically for mothers who are experiencing symptoms of postnatal anxiety and/ or depression using cognitive behavioural therapy. This is generally a small  group of up to ten mothers, who have all given birth within the last two years and this course is  run online using the Zoom platform for seven sessions. Babies are welcome to attend the sessions  with their mothers, we take a relax approached to the group as we understand that our babies  may need to be fed/ soothed or changed during this time and encourage you to see to your  babies  needs  as necessary.

Each session runs for two hours, between 10am and 12pm on a Tuesday morning. Throughout the group, we aim to provide you with a toolkit of resources  that can be implemented to help ease the difficulties that we often face during our transition  into motherhood. We welcome you to share your experiences of motherhood at points (if you  feel comfortable to) as this helps to normalise the difficulties faced when we become mothers,  however if you do not wish to share, there is no pressure to. We provide you with a weekly  handout to summarise each session, which is yours to take away. Feedback from previous group  participants have reflected on how useful they have found the sessions, particularly in hearing of  other  mothers  experiences, challenging some of the taboos around mental health difficulties  during the perinatal period and learning techniques which they can then continue to use after  the sessions. 

Course Content

  • Session 1 – Introduction to the group. Normalising our experience
  • Session 2 – Restore balance in our activities
  • Session 3 – Restore balance in our anxious minds
  • Session 4 – Restore balance in our perception of motherhood
  • Session 5 – Taking time to review and manage obstacles 
  • Session 6 – Restore balance in our thoughts
  • Session 7 – Maintaining your wellbeing

What to expect from a group?

How many people will there be?
You can expect between 10-20 people to be there. Everyone will be asked to follow the group rules and maintain confidentiality. One of the benefits of being in a group is you realize that you are not alone with your difficulties and you can share experiences, if you want to.
Will I have to talk?
No, not if you don’t want to. Some people feel more comfortable talking in the group and others less so. You will never be put on the spot to contribute and you do not have to share personal information. Most people start to feel comfortable enough to join in after a few sessions.
Do I need to attend every group session?
To get the most out of the course, we would recommend that you attend all the sessions. The sessions are designed to follow-on from each other and to build on skills learnt in previous sessions.
What if I see someone I know?
This is a common concern, but it rarely happens. If you are uncomfortable with being in a particular group, you can ask to attend the next one.
What if I can no longer attend the group or I don't think it is helping?
Please let us know if you are unable to finish the group, or if you are not finding it helpful. We can discuss other options for support.