Information for carers, family, and friends

Staff member reading a leaflet to an older gentleman

A carer is someone who looks after a partner, friend or relative whether or not they live in the same place.

Supporting someone with a mental health problem can be rewarding, but it can also be difficult and sometimes lonely. Having good information at the right time and knowing where to get help and support can make all the difference.

A carer is someone who gives practical or emotional support. Not everyone thinks of themselves as a carer but they may well be and may be able to get financial or practical help.

We are committed to informing, involving and supporting carers, family members and friends as partners in the care of people using our services. We are Gold Star members of the Carers’ Trust’s Triangle of Care membership scheme that promotes shared working between carers, professionals and people using services.

The Triangle of Care

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The Triangle of Care (ToC) membership scheme promotes shared working between carers, professionals and people using services.

The Triangle of Care recommends better partnership working between service users and their carers, and organisations.  It was developed by carers and staff to improve carer engagement in acute inpatient and home treatment services.  

The guide includes lots of good practice examples. These have been shared by organisations to enable faster and wider carer involvement and support. These and many other good practice examples are available on the Royal College of Nursing’s Virtual Ward – in the Triangle of Care and carers and families sections.

The Triangle of Care programme has shown that many frontline staff are unaware of who young carers are and their needs. Carers Trust has produced a supplementary resource to help staff understand the needs of young and young adult carers, the challenges to identifying them and how to overcome them.

Trust awarded Stage 2 status

We are very proud to announce that following a detailed interview and scrutiny process of SWLSTG’s performance and work to date as part around our carers agenda, we have been awarded the prestigious Stage 2 Triangle of Care Membership Scheme.

Following a peer review event, we became a 2 star Trust, one of only 20 Mental Health Trusts across the UK who have been given this award.

Carers' Charter

We recognise that carers have a very important role in supporting the lives of those who use our services whatever their age.  Carers have a unique and valued perspective that we want to support with commitments from our staff in using the 3iS approach.

3iS is an approach that was created by our carers in workshops and this now forms the basis of our Carers Charter which has also been developed in consultation with the Trust's Carers, Friends and Family reference group.

It sets out four key commitments:

  • Identify
  • Inform
  • Involve, and
  • Support

You can read more about it Carers charter [pdf] 697KB