Carers and confidentiality

man and woman speaking together

We do our best to keep carers, family members and friends informed and involved.

There will always be a named care co-ordinator or other professional who supports the person using our services to achieve their care plan goals, and who you can talk to.

Sometimes we are bound by confidentiality and the patient's wishes and cannot share certain information with you. In these situations we will explain this to you. We can still listen to you and provide you with information and support in your own right.

If the person you care for is being detained under the Mental Health Act you have certain rights.

If you are considered the ‘nearest relative’ of the person you care for, you have certain rights under the Act. There is a clear legal definition of ‘nearest relative’ and not all carers are covered by it.

You can find out more about your rights as a carer relating to the Mental Health Act in our Mental Health Act leaflet on on the Mental Health Act pages.