Carer's assessment

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Carers have the right to have their own needs assessed under the Care Act 2014. This is called a Carer’s Assessment and is a legal duty upon the local authority.

The assessment looks at your needs to see what services could be provided to help you. The assessment will look at how caring affects your emotional and physical health, finances, work and relationships.

The assessment is your opportunity to sit down and explain what would make caring easier for you and what your own needs are. Services you may be offered include support to give you a break, emotional support, help with household tasks and help.

You can choose to have your needs assessed either jointly with the person you care for or separately. You can ask for an assessment even if the person you care for is refusing services.

If you want to have a Carer’s Assessment, talk to a member of Trust staff or your local Carers’ Centre about how to organise one.

Benefits and allowances for carers

As a carer you may be entitled to certain benefits depending on your individual circumstances. You can find out more about the types of benefits you might be entitled in our information leaflet for carers, friends and families.