Support for younger carers

It is important that you tell someone If you are spending a lot of time looking after a family member or doing lots of chores around the house and this is having an effect on your wellbeing, ability to complete work/study or have hobbies and outside interests .

Even if it seems like you are only worrying about your relative and not really looking after them, you can get help. Worrying like this is called emotional caring and can be very common within families. Other types of caring include doing things like cooking, cleaning, looking after younger siblings or helping someone to take their medication correctly.

Teachers at school, a social worker, a doctor or a family friend can all help you. You can also find young carers services near you:

For further online resource and information for young carers please visit Carers Trust Resources.


If you are a parent with mental health or substance misuse difficulties, you are not alone. Many others are in a similar situation. There is plenty of support available for you and your children. Talk to your GP or care co-ordinator if you have one for further information about the support available to you and your family.