Forensic services

We deliver a wide range of forensic services across South West London. Our dedicated teams of forensic doctors, nurses, ward staff, therapists and other specialists, work together caring for adults in the community, in our inpatient wards and in the community.

We offer patient centred care, delivering a wide range of treatments including rehabilitation, developing life skills and wellbeing at Shaftesbury Building at Springfield University Hospital. The services are medium and low secure and for both men and women. We also offer dedicated care to families, significant others and carers, giving them the best support possible. 

We have three medium secure forensic wards and we also offer specific forensic inpatient services for patients with intellectual disabilities, with or without autism, who require specialist mental health care. 

Our wards are specially adapted for the needs of patients requiring specialist mental healthcare in a forensic setting, is in a brand new state-of-the-art building, opening late Spring at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting – part of a wider redevelopment including shops, cafes and parkland, walking distance from public transport.

Hume ward

We provide assessment and treatment of patients with a forensic history who need to be treated under the Mental Health Act.

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Ruby ward

The ward provides services for female adults who present a risk to others and meet the acceptance criteria prior to admission.

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Halswell ward

The service a medium secure therapeutic environment for patient who require assessment and treatment under the Mental Health Act.

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