Your stories

Coming to a Talking Therapies service can feel like a daunting task. Many people tell us they were worried about how to explain how they were feeling, and were unsure what help was available. We have asked some people who have used our service to tell us about their experience. We hope that this can provide an understanding of what leads people to get in touch, and inspire people to take those first important steps towards feeling better.

The people we asked have given us permission to publish their words. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to those who have taken the time to share their experiences.

The group sessions were great. I didn’t feel alone on Tuesdays. Even though I can feel very alone at times. It was lovely meeting you both and also the group members too…Talking to a group really does help as you feel more connected and part of something. Talking to you both felt like I had someone who was hearing me rather than waiting for their turn to talk or offer advice that have no understanding of. It was a safe space and nice group of people that are going through the same thing so no judgment was passed.

I have been suffering from episodes of severe insomnia and generalised anxiety for as far as I can remember. At times these become so debilitating that my work, social life and family relationships are very severely affected. I have tried many therapies and private therapists in the past, and I can honestly say that the twelve sessions of CBT with Wandsworth have been life changing.

They offered the perfect mixture of practical therapy tools; knowledge into how the human mind works; and a compassionate listening ear, capable of directing anxious thoughts towards the most appropriate therapy tools.

During the course of my sessions, I have started to drive the car again, I have arranged to go out with friends, I have weaned myself off medications and I have gradually taken the necessary steps to work again. When I now encounter the unavoidable anxiety-inducing situations, I have a range of tools which I can use to steer myself back onto the right track again.

The CBT at Talk Wandsworth is definitely making a positive impact in my life and consequently, for those around me like family and friends too.

Talk Wandsworth work with outstanding qualified staff. They'll help you learn more about yourself, see things from different perspectives and give you practical tips and tools to improve your life.

I truly appreciate your professionalism and compassion in what was a challenging process in me discussing and sharing my past life experiences which resulted in the anxiety, frustration and fear of moving forward with many aspects of my life. I’m grateful for all the support and look forward to embracing the future with a positive mindset and a new found confidence.