Our job is to promote emotional wellbeing and provide treatment to children and young people with mental health needs living in the London Borough of Merton

Merton Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. We provide mental health assessment and treatment for children, young people (aged 5-18) and their families living in the London Borough of Merton. Where appropriate a combination of approaches is used in line with the young person's needs and as agreed with the family through care planning.


Referrals to Merton CAMHS are currently accepted from professionals such as GPs, teachers, social workers, school nurses or any other health or educational professional if they feel there is a need for the CAMHS services. Professional referrals are made via the CAMHS Single Point of Access (SPA) by using the eReferrals system or by emailing with our Merton CAMHS SPA Referral Form

We currently accept self-referrals for 16 and 17 years olds via our  Merton CAMHS Self-Referral Form

We offer a consultation line to professionals who wish to discuss whether to make a referral for a young person 0203 513 6067. This line is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

The Single Point of Access staff can advise on:

  • Whether Community CAMHS can help
  • How to make a referral
  • What information the service needs
  • The timescale for being seen
  • What support might be available pending the first appointment

The SPA team will screen all referrals and offer an appointment either face to face or via a telephone/video interview to determine the most suitable treatment options to address issues presented at the point of referral.

The SPA team will also sends questionnaires about the young person in order for the team to gain more insight into the young person's circumstances

When the SPA team has carried out the initial screening and assessment the young person will be offered a relevant intervention or signposting option. This may include an evidence-based therapeutic intervention, risk management support or extended assessment from our Getting More Help/Tier 3 team based at Birches House. In other cases, the young person could be referred/signposted to another service within the borough that is best placed to meet the young person or family's needs (including voluntary sector services).

We are closely linked with the CAMHS Emergency Care Team (CECS) who assess young people presenting in crisis and we provide follow-up and on-going treatment as required.