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Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of age, race, or gender it can happen to any of us. In fact, mental health problems affect one in four of us every year. This is why, together with the kind support of local people, our charity raises funds to support projects for mental health patients, their carers and staff that go above and beyond what the NHS can fund.

We do everything we can to Make Life Better Together for people who come to us for help. From providing funding for special projects or patient and family support to the transformation of our local mental health hospitals into more comfortable and welcoming environments.

Whether you make a donation, attend an event, or fundraise for us, your support will make a positive contribution to the mental health recovery of our local communities.

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Following a request for funding, our Charity donated a set of African djembe drums to be used within the Trust.  In the last two years, the drums have benefitted service users and carers through their use in music therapy sessions and arts in health activities. They have also been used to promote staff wellbeing via drumming circles and in community outreach projects.  

The African djembe drums continue to make an impact within the Trust and have been successfully used in the following initiatives:

  • Drumming circles to bring the community together during the last two annual street parties  
  • Musical reflective workshop for the 2023 Recovery College Summer School  
  • A carers wellbeing group called ‘Reflection through music’ which runs three times a year.  
  • Drumming circles, reflective spaces, and ice breakers in team away days. 
  • Reflective practice groups using music improvisation.  

I knew that if we were to have a set of good quality djembe drums it would spark interest from service users, carers, and staff - and I was right. The drums provide the basis for creative connection, and I have seen this in action many times in the past few years. It has given people within our Trust the chance to speak through sound, express themselves and feel part of a shared experience.

Rachel Bell, Music Therapist with the Wandsworth Arts Psychotherapies service.

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The art of happiness

Our charity proudly contributed to the funding of 20 world-class artworks created in partnership with arts and mental health charity Hospital Rooms.

Today, these visually striking works of art can be seen in the shared spaces throughout the buildings and on our wards in the Trinity and Shaftesbury buildings at Springfield University Hospital.

Taking place over three years and through an exciting process of co-production, the aim of this ambitious project was to transform how mental health environments are experienced by patients, service users and staff.

More than 120 artist-led creative workshops took place with service users and staff, to ensure the décor of our new facilities aligned with service user needs.

As a result, the walls in these modern new facilities showcase visually stunning pieces by internationally acclaimed artists that include large scale vinyl installations and detailed painted murals to sound and moving image-based pieces.

Described by staff and service users as ‘forward-looking’, ‘innovative’, and ‘groundbreaking’ this project embodies the Trust’s ambition to create a community with health and wellbeing at its heart.

Research has long demonstrated the positive impact of artistic and creative expression on our mental health. This programme of work is another way we can harness the healing power of art to support the mental wellbeing of those we care for, whilst giving a creative voice to our service users, and creating warm and welcoming environments that support recovery. 

Sharon Spain, Director of Nursing at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

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Meeting pods – the future of hot desking has arrived

The arrival of five futuristic meeting pods throughout Springfield’s Trinity Building is taking the concept of hot desking to new heights. The innovatively designed pods blend seamlessly into the state-of-the-art facilities at the Trinity building and are the perfect resource for staff, patients, and visitors.The pods are located in the communal areas within Trinity and also allow staff a place to take a break, as well as for visitors and members of the community to work in a safe and comfortable environment.

I find that working in the meeting pod between meetings is really convenient, but the key benefit is that it is a great way to connect with other colleagues and patients as they walk past, and a good opportunity to say hello and more importantly meet new people!

Katherine Robinson, Director of People

It’s a wonderful use of the space, it’s been totally transformed so the clinic is completely fit for purpose. Look at these lovely chairs – they don’t feel like I’m in a care home - while waiting for my appointment.