Our digital partners

At Merton Talking Therapies, we are pleased to work with several digital partners to support us in providing you with a choice about the way in which you have your therapy.

ieso Digital Health, SilverCloud and Xyla Digital Health all provide evidence based treatments (to find out what we mean by evidence based treatments please click here) to support you with your difficulties. 

You can find out more about our digital partners by reading below.

ieso Digital Health

ieso Digital Health provides free, one-to-one therapy on behalf of the NHS in Merton for people with common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Qualified therapists deliver live cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) online through typed conversation in a secure virtual therapy room. To find out more about CBT, please click here.

Online CBT follows the same format as traditional face-to-face therapy and is proven to be just as effective. You can access the sessions from anywhere you feel most comfortable and at a time to fit around your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Access to the service is very quick; you can typically have your first appointment within two weeks of being referred. Online CBT is the same as face-to-face CBT, other than that the conversation is typed. Appointments are 45 or 60 minutes long and can be attended from anywhere you can connect to the internet, including from the comfort of your own home.

Your therapist will work closely with you to help you understand how your thoughts and beliefs affect your feelings and behaviours and teach you coping skills to handle different problems or situations.

You can also self-refer directly to ieso for online typed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Xyla Digital Therapies

xyla logo

Xyla Digital Therapies has been commissioned by our Trust to deliver digitally enabled talking therapies to Merton residents. Xyla Digital Therapies offer appointments seven days a week from 8am-10pm. You can receive your sessions in your preferred language via online messaging, audio or secure video – it’s your choice.

How do I access Xyla Digital Therapies?

We will ask when you make a referral whether you’re interested in receiving your assessment or therapy digitally. If yes, we will refer you to Xyla Digital Therapies whose team will contact you and get you booked in for an appointment at a time that works for you.

Why choose Xyla Digital Therapies?

  • Faster access to therapy
  • Research shows there is no difference in outcomes between digital therapy and face-to-face
  • Accessible at a time and date that suits you
  • Removes the need to travel to and from appointments
  • Simple to use
  • Available across all devices – smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Zero digital footprint
  • You can learn more about Xyla Digital Therapies by clicking here

What do patients say about Xyla Digital Therapies?

“I appreciate the flexibility that working online offers, and the flexible appointments offered by the service. The system has been straight forward to use too.”

“By working from the comfort of my own home, in an environment I feel safe in, and with a therapist that is engaging and supportive, this was the best therapy I’ve had.”

“I was initially apprehensive about doing appointments online but I’m so glad I stuck to it! I’m so pleased mental health services are embracing technology… I hope that more people are able to access therapy remotely and benefit from it as much as I have.”