How to book

To book a course you first need to be registered with the college, which you can do by completing our online registration form. To find out if you’re eligible to register with the college check out our eligibility criteria first. We recommend that students chose no more than three courses to book at any one time.

Note:  If you miss more than one session of a multi session course you may not be able to continue with the remaining sessions as it can be disruptive to other students. Please contact the college immediately after missing a session to check whether you can continue with your course. A decision will be made based on the complexity and sensitivity of that course.


For those who prefer a classroom environment but want to learn from home, we run a number of interactive webinars each week via MS Teams. These are available to everyone (registered or not). Groups are limited to six and eight people per session, so if you are interested in attending one of the sessions below, please email us at, providing your full name and telephone number.

Upcoming Webinars
Taking in the Good 15th July 2-3pm
Managing Stress 18th July 2-3pm

Bookings are on a first come first served basis and new sessions are advertised every Monday. Find out more about each webinar.