Family and Couple Therapy (Systemic Psychotherapy)

We offer training in Systemic Family and Couple Psychotherapy (also known as Family Therapy). 

Years One and Two are accredited by the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) and are available as stand-alone courses.  Successful completion allows students to apply for Masters Level training and registration as a Systemic Psychotherapist (Family Therapist).

Year One: Foundation

The Foundation course is available as an evening programme. The courses are held at Prudence Skynner Family & Couple Therapy Clinic at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting, South West London.  The course offers an opportunity to explore family systems and life-cycle transitions, to develop skills of engaging with and interviewing families, and to understand how therapeutic changes happen. Several therapeutic models are presented, including solution-focused and narrative approaches. The course enables participants to think about their place in the system in a reflexive way, and can be taken as a stand-alone course or as the first step towards the MSc.


Year Two: Intermediate

The Intermediate course is run at the Prudence Skynner Family and Couple Therapy Clinic at Springfield. The course emphasises the use of systemic theory and practice in clinician’s day-to-day work with families and networks. The accrediting panel said the course was “excellent and provides high-quality teaching and context for learning. Participants gave very positive feedback on how they valued the course’s commitment to systemic work with families in the NHS, the flexibility and responsive of the teaching, and the diversity of teachers and students”.

2023 - 2024

Years Three and Four: MSc degree

Students who have completed years One and Two at the Prudence Skynner Family and Couple Therapy Clinic have the opportunity to apply for the Qualifying Level Training in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy. Our clinic maintains a close relationship with the Institute of Family Therapy, providing a Masters (MSc) Equivalent in Systemic Family Psychotherapy, validated by UKCP. Live clinical supervision can be undertaken at the Prudence Skynner Family and Couple Clinic.

Supervision Course

Advanced Diploma in the Supervision of Systemic & Family Psychotherapy: Extending social justice and anti-oppressive practices to systemic supervision, training, and consultation. 

If you are an experienced Systemic & Family Psychotherapist looking to further your career and develop your skills in systemic supervision, training and consultation, we are now accepting applications to our new course on Supervision of Systemic & Family Psychotherapy. This is a one-year part time course designed to meet the requirements for the Systemic Supervision level of training by the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT)*. 

Drawing on a wide range of resources from systemic theory and practice and beyond, the course aims to access and bring forth more marginalised voices and ideas. Our intention is to create a collaborative space where mutual exchange of knowledge, diversity and community become the main context and pinnacles of the participants’ learning. Using collaborative and creative teaching methods, participants will be able to develop their knowledge and skills in live and retrospective supervision of groups and individuals, systemic consultation, and facilitation of training and reflective practice.  Please refer to flyer and application form for further information.

Clinical placements

Clinical Placements are also available at the Prudence Skynner Family and Couple Therapy Clinic.


More information

For further information on family therapy training in the Trust, please contact:

Heleni Andreadi – Courses Director

Stefania Zanelli-Cook, Ashlee Bowen, Nadine Donald - Courses Administrators


Tel: 020 3513 6195 or visit the Association for Family Therapy website