Jasmine ward - Cognition and Mental Health in Aging

  • Jasmine ward is a 16 bedded unit that offers care and treatment for male and female patients over 75 years of age.   

  • Service Type: Adults
  • Service Contact: jasminewardadmin@swlstg.nhs.uk
  • Service Category: Inpatient
  • Address: Jasmine Ward,  Tolworth Hospital,  Ground Floor Acacia Building,  Red Lion Road, Tolworth, KT6 7QU
  • Reception hours: 24 hours
  • Reception phone number: 0203 513 5098/5099

About our care

The service offers Inpatient care for older people with mental health problems, provides assessment and treatment of older people with a range of diagnoses, who require hospital care due to the severity of need. We provide services for patients cannot be cared for in the community or other settings, due to the intensity and expertise of the care required. Within this setting all aspects of physical health, social care needs, and risks are jointly managed by a multi-disciplinary team, which forms part of a planned and integrated holistic system approach to care.

Who is this service for?

We provide treatment for male and femal patients age 75 and over. We accepts patient under the MHA and informal patients.

Referrals and access

Patient referred by MHA or informal. Recommended by Consultant. 

Patient information

We provide safe environment to patients under MHA. We provide non-medicinal  intervention if appropriate using less restrictive root.   we also offer the following intervention: psyschological support, OT support, non medicinal intervention, medication intervention (last resort), psysio therapy, SALT, regular MDT meeting for patient review.