Coral Mental Health Crisis Hub

  • Coral Mental Health Crisis Hub is a service for patients who require an assessment within 24 hours. 

    This service is for patients with mental health problems who would otherwise have had to go to A&E.

    Patients must not need urgent healthcare for serious medical conditions: these patients must be treated in an A&E first, and then they may be transferred to Coral Mental Health Crisis Hub when safe to do so and if needed.

    Please note that patients cannot self-present. They must first call the screening line, the Trust’s existing Mental Health Support Line (MHSL) 0800 028 8000.

    As well as patients phoning our 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line, they might also be referred via the line by the London Ambulance Service, police, by GPs, by clinicians in neighbouring emergency departments, or by other services within our Trust. 

    If required, our Crisis Assessment Team provides an emergency response to calls from the London Ambulance service and police. The team works in partnership with our Psychiatric Liaison teams at Emergency Departments, and with our Home Treatment Teams across the five boroughs. 

    If a 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line caller needs mental health support but the need is not urgent, the caller may be referred to a borough’s Single Point of Access, to secondary or primary care, or signposted to a local source of support.

    For callers who are already patients of the Trust’s community teams, we might need to work in partnership with our community colleagues to provide support. 

    Occasionally at very busy times, the mental health professionals who run the 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line might need to prioritise callers with urgent mental health needs, and might need to phone the caller back later. 

  • Service Type: Acute and Urgent Care Services
  • Service Category: Community
  • Disabled access: Yes
  • Address: Springfield University Hospital Entrance 9,  Newton Building 5 Trinity Building,  Springfield University Hospital 15 Springfield Drive, London, SW17 0YF
  • Reception hours: 24 hours
  • Reception phone number: 0800 028 8000

About our care

We run the crisis line and the rapid assessment clinic. Our aim is to offer assessments within 24 hours and then signpost to other services. 

Who is this service for?

Referrals and access

If you are a healthcare professional referring someone in mental health crisis to the Coral Mental Health Assessment Hub, please call the 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line on 0800 028 8000.

Patient information