Carshalton and Wallington Integrated Recovery Hub

  • Carshalton and Wallington Integrated Recovery Hub (previously Carshalton and Wallington Recovery Support Team) provides access to range of community mental and wellbeing health interventions. These interventions are delivered by teams of mental health professionals and supporting staff from community providers with a wide range of skills.

  • Service Type: Adult Community Services
  • Service Contact:
  • Service Category: Community
  • Address: Jubilee Health Centre East Building 1 Entrance 6 Stanley Park Road, Wallington, SM6 0EX
  • Reception hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Reception phone number: 020 3513 5000

About our care

Carshalton and Wallington Integrated Recovery Hub offers a wide range of mental health support for adults in community settings. By working collaboratively with local GP practices, Adult Social Care, Housing Assocations and other voluntarty and community sector organisations the Hub offers joined-up support including: 

  • Specialist mental health assessments and treatment for serious mental illness
  • Wellbeing and self-care advice
  • Physical health checks and support with medications
  • Emotional and practical help from Peer Support Workers with lived experience
  • Employment support if you are looking for a job or need help to stay in work
  • Welfare benefits, housing and financial advice
  • Support from the local recovery college
  • Dedicated services and activities for carers, friends and family

The staff providing support may change over the course of treatment and therapy depending on individual needs. They include psychiatrists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, recovery support workers, employment specialists, peer support workers and welfare advice support workers.

Who is this service for?

The Integrated Recovery Hub provides specialist treatments, interventions and support to adults aged 18-74 who experience complex and severe mental health difficulties. This includes conditions such as psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia, severe anxiety and depression and Personality Disorder.

Referrals and access

If you would like to complete a transfer of care from a Community Mental Health Team outside of South West London and St. George’s Trust, please contact the Integrated Recovery Hub using the details above.

All other external and self-referrals should be sent according to the referrals and access information via the borough’s Single Point of Access (SPA) team.

All internal referrals should be sent directly to the treatment team (not the SPA team) using internal referral processes on the clinical system. Any internal referrals that are made using other methods will not be accepted.

Patient information

Carshalton and Wallington Integrated Recovery Hub works together with our service users, carers and partner organisations to provide person-centred support for recovery and care. 

By working in partnership, the service provides coordinated community mental health support through the Hub all year round.

To find out more about the support provided, please watch our explainer on adult community mental health services.