Bluebell ward

  • Bluebell is a specialist ward for deaf adults with mental illness and mental health problems. The multi-disciplinary team consists of deaf and hearing staff who can all use BSL (British Sign Language).

  • Service Contact:
  • Service Category: Inpatient
  • Disabled access: Yes
  • Address: Trinity Building,  Springfield University Hospital,  15 Springfield Drive, London, SW17 0YF
  • Reception hours: 10am-8pm (visiting hours)
  • Reception phone number: 0203 513 4642 or 07790 389788

About our care

Bluebell ward provdies a safe and therapeutic environment for deaf adults with with mental illness and mental health problems to be assessed and treated until they are well enough to go home, and/or receive ongoing treatment in the community.

The team provides care to people with mental health conditions such as bipolar affective disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, psychotic episodes and depression.

The multi-disciplinary team takes a holistic view of each patient on the ward and works collaboratively with the patient and their family towards recovery, supported by the patient’s care plan. Each patient will also have one named person who co-ordinates their care and support. The team provides a weekly evaluation of treatment and assessment where patients will have the opportunity to discuss their treatment, progress and future plans.

The team will offer psychological, pharmacological and physical health treatments and interventions. The ward also has an occupational therapist, activity coordinator and clinical psychologist. The team can make onwards referrals to specialist teams or community teams as part of a patient's recovery.

Who is this service for?

This service is for deaf adults aged 18+ with mental illness and mental health problems.

Referrals and access

Referrals are received via the Deaf Adult Community Team. The service does not accept direct referrals/admissions.

Patient information